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The ancient Etruria was born favoring the desire to promote tourism traveling.
We are two families of campers for many years and we know what he wants and wants a camper, we know what you expect from a picnic area and those who run it.
We’ve drawn on our knowledge, what we have seen in other areas equipped foreign and domestic, we made ​​the most of the various tips that are given to us so we decided to embark on this adventure, make sure you have a lot of satisfaction to work in “world “that we love and offer a professional and correct.
We decided to: develop and promote areas particularly beautiful and fascinating from the point of view of nature, in the neighborhood, to know more and more the familiar city of Florence.
With us, the camper is a quiet environment, where it can play his son in the island for children, may sgambare his dog in the area, you can use the barbecue facilities to prepare his dinner and much more.
Our idea is to favor the itinerant tourism which is notoriously low environmental impact, particularly respectful and easily integrated in nature.
The Ancient Etruria is run by a private company that works closely with the local administration and promotion of the Company, with the primary objective of developing a tourism increasingly aware and respectful of the great natural heritage, traditions and culture existing.




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